I started with computers in 1982, with a ZX Spectrum. After developing an EPROM programmer, the standard 16K ROM and 48k RAM where soon changed to 128k ROM and 256k RAM, bank switched. While I learned more about it, my knowledge made me capable of creating hardware to connect to the 'Spec'. Near the end of the Spectrum era I had build two custom computers, a desktop version wth a large keyboard, a mobile version with a small monitor build in and a fold down keyboard, and an A3 Plotter using a Z80PIO chip and my own software to control it.


In 1998 I started with a small notebook and a second-hand PC, creating things for MSDOS and Linux. The Plotter was changed to A2 and controlled by a 16 bit PIO via the parallel port.

I'm not an inventor, more an artist with the knowledge of creating things as cheap as possible. Most things I build are existing and can be bought right from the net, but.........there's no fun in that. My last creation, the 3DPrinter '3DDIE' has about 80 euro's on parts.

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Have lots of fun!!

model railway

Model Railroad
Starting building a track with Marklin H0 in the 1990's, was a lot of fun. Ten years later I found the means to build a smaller track using Maklin Z. Here are some descriptions and pictures of how they are created.
Most recent is the train set I created for LGB !


PIC MCU Hard- and Software
Starting in 2009 with exploring Micro controllers, I started with a Cypress chip but that didn't work out !
After gathering information on Microchip Micro controllers I started creating small projects. Here you can find information on some projects I did regarding MCU's and other modules.


FlightSim Hard- and Software
My interest in flying extends from FS5 and X-Plane 6 to the most recent version of P3D, X-Plane 10 and IVAO.
Here you can find all sorts of info of hard- and software I created through the years.


PC Hard- and Software
After building my first Plotter in 1988, it was fun making it A2 size and get it to work on, first a 16I/O PIO unit, and later on USB via a MCU. Then the CNCtable was born which I used for creating a extruder for the most recent project, a 3D printer called 3DDIE !