Ever landed on a carrier with a fighter in FS? Try it, it's big fun!
CabArrest has a lot of extra fun to offer's FREE!

CabArrest is a complete package with wich it is possible to do carrier landings and takeoffs, in-air refueling and formation flying with any kind of fighter plane.

Starting experimenting in 2002 with several routines to make a plane stop and takeoff, the fun really began. Placing carriers as scenery, all over the world in realy beautiful areas made it even more fun.

During 2005, I started to write routines to control a fighter, maintaining a certain distance to another plane. This could be used for In Air refueling or formation flying. After a long period of testing with a lot of other pilots / testers, and changing the routines according to the data gathered, the experience about the virtual world of carriers is even more fun then I ever expected!

The program runs parallel to FS, even on a separate PC and is capable of launching planes like a catapult and arrest planes landing. I placed some carriers arround the world wich is part of the package.
The latest version can also be used for 'In air refueling' using AI aircraft or someone connected on a LAN game.
With the tanker inside the TCAS it can contol the plane to fly towards it. The tanking starts within a certain range.

The program can be set to make a wrinch start in a Glider. A steady climb at 80 knots to a preset altitude.


Download the following files:

Cabarrest Install.txt



Read the Cabarrest Install.txt file and enjoy.

Here you can find the Manual.

- The program is still in Beta stage. On any problem during use, restart CabArrest to reinitialize communication with FS.

- If you have a problem during startup, delete the cabarrest.ini file and start again with standard settings.


Radar screen