A free Navigational / Autopilot display for FSX and X-Plane

Flying FSX, brought me the need of good navigational display.

With the help of Peter (P8R Software, from the famous FMC for FS9), and the experience of some utilities created with Borland C Builder, I started on creating a navigator for X-Plane9. The results can be found at the XMovMap page .
Only a few routines needed a makeover for FSX.

Navari V4 can be used as a Flightplanner / Navigator / Autopilot for FSX and X-Plane10 (with XPUIPC)

Navari can be used for creating routes, by clicking on the beacons or fixes on the map.
It can also import routes created by RouteFinder and KML files from created routes in GoogleEarth.
On the VIEW AIRPORT maps the SID or STAR can be created by easy clicks.
A *.fms export, makes it possible to fly the route you created, by the Xplanes FMS.
Navari can be used as a Autopilot, controlling LNAV, VNAV and Speed.
It also functions as a Navigation Display during flight with ARC or ROSE view.

Click on the old pictures for a large view. Check the manual for new pictures.

Navari has simplified graphical interface with a few functions from the old FSNavigator.

Download ( 85 Mb), just unpack it in a directory of your choice. Manual is included.

Also, check my YouTube channel for Navari instruction video's