Recently I bought a new digital camera. Because it can be controlled by a PC it would be nice to create a table to make the movement controlled aswell! How nice would it be to automatic follow a eclipses?

For this all materials were 'on stock'. The movement is done by steppermotors controlled via the PIO and drivers.
The X movement is done on a ball bearing like construction.

The table can turn more than 360 dergees in theory.
The Y can turn 180 degrees in theory but will never be reached.

X movement      Y movement

Table     CATVB

Both gearwheels used are driven by M6 axis on the motors. With these motors a degree is divided in 300 steps.

CATVB, the program, is completely new. This is the first time I used VisualBasic to control the PIO. In this way I can control the table from anywhere using a VNC program.

The complete table can be locked on a tripod.