Joystick and Throttle box USB Interface

Using USB Joystick interfaces will have limitations to the number of axis and buttons. Using PIC18F4550 micro controllers as a joystick interface made it possible to get more control. A Steering and Rudder interface with 4 axis, 12 buttons and a hat switch? A Throttle box with 8 axis and 8 buttons? It's possible!

Steering and Rudder Control

The USB interface is situated in the control box (middle).

Ailerons and Pitch is controlled by the steering. Rudder by the pedals and the thrust vector (X-Plane's Harrier and Osprey) is controlled on the control box.


Throttle Control

The Throttle box has a separate USB interface.

In my case, it controls four Throttles, Flaps, Mixture, Spoilers and Propellers.
Eight buttons can be used.

The complete drawing set and firmware is available!
for € 24,-  After payment it will be send by Email!